The Queen’s Tae Kwon Do club is a student athletics club at Queen’s University in Kingston. We run three classes a week in the Athletics and Recreation Centre on campus. All classes are taught by accredited black belt instructors of American Kang Duk Won.

Kang Duk Won is a traditional style of tae kwon do. Students are taught both the physical and mental aspects of the martial arts. Students learn punches, kicks, forms, sparring, and practical self-defence. Students are also taught meditation, martial arts history, and philosophy.

Each class beings with stretching and a conditioning workout. Protective gear must be worn by students while sparring, and all matches are supervised by instructors. 

We offer special events throughout the year including weapons seminars, board breaking, and sparring techniques. Students can participate in Kang Duk Won events such as the end of year tournament and summer training camp. There are also numerous social events.

Prospective new students are welcome to come to the sidewalk sale and demonstration night in September. Interested students may also come out to a couple classes at the start of the year to see if they enjoy it before committing to the semester or the year.

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